‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ Review: An insignificant follow-up

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To say bluntly, you patiently wait for the film to really get things moving and engross you in any way.

The camera focuses upon a gun in a dimly lit room. This gun, which is pointed towards the camera, slowly moves closer to it. It’s Jesse (Aaron Paul) who is holding the gun. He, with anger in his countenance, says to a man-disguised-as-policeman, “I’m no cop killer, you be cool, and I’ll be cool, understand?”. This scene from El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which is a follow-up to critically acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad, is one of those brief instances that reflected the brilliance of its predecessor. But such thrilling moments are far and few in between.

El Camino is not utterly boring but also not the greatest of follow-ups. It’s those surprises during hunt-for-money and western movies-like gunfighting sequences that interests you. Written and Directed by Vince Gilligan, the film picks up from where it left in Breaking Bad. Basically, the climax of that TV series acts as this film’s premise. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is dead and it’s not clear what lies ahead for Jesse. The film follows Jesse’s journey as he, who is kept in captivity, escapes and looks forward to new beginnings in life.

The film’s title didn’t seem to be of great relevance when you get acquainted with the film’s storyline. El Camino tests your patience too. There’s always a feeling that the turn-the-tide moment is just around the corner. To say bluntly, you patiently wait for the film to really get things moving and engross you in any way. It does throw a few elements that ignite your interest for a brief period and then disappoints you. Perhaps the sheer respect that you have for Breaking Bad may allow you to successfully sit through the whole movie.

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