Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Movie Review: A whole new flavour of Spiderman saga

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Spiderman: Into the Verse is an inspiring, adventurous, humorous and entertaining animated superhero film

The Spiderman shoots a spiderweb and it gets stuck to a fast-moving train on a flyover. As he does so, he carries another injured Spiderman with him (Yes, there is more than one Spiderman). And we hear a funny dialogue in the background saying that a child dressed like a Spiderman is dragging along the corpse of a homeless guy. That child is Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) who is the main Spiderman in this film.  There are different Spiderman movies that were already made before this film. So, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse needed a fresh way of portraying this superhero character. Miles Morales as a school-going boy works tremendously well giving this animated film a whole new flavour.

The best thing I liked about this film was how it delineates a different perspective to this superhero character. As the movie explores the idea of “anyone can wear the mask, you can wear the mask”, it broadens the horizon of the way we see a Spiderman film. It was very exciting to see more than one Spiderman from different dimensions and that too with different abilities. There is, of course, a regular Spiderman who can shoot spiderwebs around and crawl up to the top of a skyscraper. But there is also a Spider-woman or to be more accurate Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld). There is an anime sort of Spider-girl (Kimiko Glenn) who uses a Spider-robot. We also see a Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage) who is from a black-and-white dimension and amazes us with dialogues like “Wherever I go, the wind follows and the wind smells like rain”. If you can’t get enough of it, there is a pig in the form of Spiderman called Spider-ham (John Mulaney) which uses Thor-ish hammer.

The narrative is set in Morales’s dimension and all these different Spiderman characters combat the antagonist Kingpin (Liev Schreiber) who is using the machine called Collider to get his family back from another dimension. It was great to see a very different take on the origins of Spiderman. As Morales gets bitten by a radioactive spider and experiences strange things, parallelly we get introduced to all those different Spiderman characters. And as the story moves along, it keeps springing up a lot of surprises which keeps us arrested. It was very interesting to see how the narrative linked Sam Raimi’s film Spider-Man (2002) and Marc Webb’s film The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). The CGI work that has been done for this film is outstanding. We see the comics-like feel throughout the movie. The inner thoughts of Morales appear in the form of conversation icons that hovers over him just as it does in the comics.

The movie beautifully brings out different emotions in us. I reminisced about my school days when Morales goes to school, meets his friends, and goes to the class late saying that it is not him who is late but the other students have got here early. The inner thoughts of Morales were very relatable with our own lives. For instance, when a teacher asks about his whereabouts, his inner thoughts asks him to “act dumb” and he ends up saying, “Who’s Morales?” and then thinks, “not that dumb”. There were many humorous instances as well. It was a sidesplitting comedy scene where Uncle Aaron (Mahershala Ali) teaches the “shoulder touch” to Morales and says “Hey!” in Joey-ish (Friends TV series character) style. It was a shocking and poignant scene where Uncle Aaron dies which leaves both Morales and his father in a state of grief.

I found this movie very inspiring as well. Morales finds it very difficult to use his powers early on as this film is a take on the origin of the Spiderman. But the movie is not solely focussed on the origins and keeps us engrossed with a lot of other surprises. So, it feels like the right time when he finally understands his powers and uses it to an astronomical effect. We feel inspired when the words of his father play in his mind (when he said that he sees a spark in Morales and whatever he chooses to do, he would be great). Spiderman: Into the Verse is an inspiring, adventurous, humorous and entertaining animated superhero film. Thanks to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko who have created such an amazing character which can take different forms and yet retain its glory.